Creating stuff with HUMANS in mind

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I’ve been pretty quiet around these parts. Busy – REALLY busy. As in, last night I thought that going to bed somewhere just before 11 so that I can wake up and be AT THE OFFICE by 5am to be a pretty good night’s sleep compared to other nights.  THAT busy.  What the heck have I been doing?  Well – it seems that there are a lot of complex business problems which need to be solved, and a lot of it centers around figuring out how to connect with a company’s users on their level.  Now, these places have a great number of users, but as many things go, over time, the way stuff has been done isn’t really working out in the long term.  A lot of it comes down to business and customer growth.  Just to note, business and customer growth is GREAT!  But these things also introduce new challenges both internally as well as externally.  From personal experience, when I am so  very deep in knowledge, it can be tough to see clearly about how to solve some of these seriously intricate problems, and I’ll end up having to pull in someone who isn’t “infected” with the in-depth knowledge to keep the high level view in frame of mind.  I can only imagine how this could be even more so for individuals working inside of a company facing these challenges.

Nintendo Wii – HDMI & the case of the disc read error

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A few months ago, I found something on Amazon.  A converter for the Nintendo Wii so I can plug it into my receiver via HDMI.  We’ve been waiting – a year – for the new Wii to come out because they say it’ll have built in support… but after seeing this, I’ve had this nagging thought that hey – we could actually be enjoying a family game of Super Mario or

My brain has autocomplete wrong

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Autocomplete in my brain


Let me paint the scene

The other day, I was walking down the hallway with a few of my coworkers to get a cup of coffee.  One of the people I was with said something, and I responded back, but one of the words that I said was a bit off.  The beginning of the word was right, but the end… not so much.

… and then, a theory walked in.

I’ve found myself doing this quite often as of late and it seems to be occurring more and more frequently.  In my head, I find that I am already thinking of something else by the time I speak and so I am losing track of what I was trying to say.  After talking to my sister about this phenomenon, she came up with a pretty solid theory.



She thinks that it’s autocomplete’s fault… and I think she might be right!

Autocomplete – its being used more and more everywhere, from typing on my iPhone, to generating search result terms.  Even facebook and twitter use autocomplete.

So where does this lead?  I can’t imagine that I’m the only person who has experienced this.  What I do wonder is if this is even more of an issue for individuals who are glued to their devices more so than I am.  I do search a lot and use my phone, but I am also off the computer often enough to have meaningful conversations with my husband and to play with my kids… daily(I know… I know… I need to cut them off, right?  But I can’t!  Their faces… they’re just so darn cute.  How can a person say no to those faces?!).  I even cook and exercise!  So what about those other… more normal computer and device users?  Did they somehow get an upgrade?  Or… oh, I have a better theory.  Maybe they just don’t talk any longer.  Maybe they mind meld with each other.  That’s got to be it.



Either way, it’s an interesting issue to have.  Does anyone know when “they’re” going to upgrade the autocomplete scripts in my head?  They seem to be pulling up the wrong words lately.  I wonder if the project lost its funding…