Installing Windows 8 on Windows 7 via Parallels

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After working a few days directly on a tiny touch device, I’m feeling a little cramped in Blend and am spending about as much time moving window panels around as I am styling controls.

Rather than doing a partition to my hard drive, finding another machine, or pleeing with the powers that be to give me a new monitor which has HDMI support and sitting on my hands waiting for that to come through – I’m Parallelsing it!

Navigation – it’s about what the visitor wants

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Navigation.  It is the make or break of any website.  It can be your strongest asset or your weakest link.

If people are coming to your website and they struggle to find what they are looking for, they will abandon your site.  This means that all the work, time and effort – hours, days, weeks, and months working to have a website put together goes down the drain for that individual.  Those hours have little to no ROI, except as a potential metric of “under 10 seconds” visitor.  These visitors could be your most powerful visitors, but because they couldn’t find the information which is valuable to them, they left and you missed out on the opportunity to win them over.