Navigation – it’s about what the visitor wants

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Navigation.  It is the make or break of any website.  It can be your strongest asset or your weakest link.

If people are coming to your website and they struggle to find what they are looking for, they will abandon your site.  This means that all the work, time and effort – hours, days, weeks, and months working to have a website put together goes down the drain for that individual.  Those hours have little to no ROI, except as a potential metric of “under 10 seconds” visitor.  These visitors could be your most powerful visitors, but because they couldn’t find the information which is valuable to them, they left and you missed out on the opportunity to win them over.

Creating stuff with HUMANS in mind

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I’ve been pretty quiet around these parts. Busy – REALLY busy. As in, last night I thought that going to bed somewhere just before 11 so that I can wake up and be AT THE OFFICE by 5am to be a pretty good night’s sleep compared to other nights.  THAT busy.  What the heck have I been doing?  Well – it seems that there are a lot of complex business problems which need to be solved, and a lot of it centers around figuring out how to connect with a company’s users on their level.  Now, these places have a great number of users, but as many things go, over time, the way stuff has been done isn’t really working out in the long term.  A lot of it comes down to business and customer growth.  Just to note, business and customer growth is GREAT!  But these things also introduce new challenges both internally as well as externally.  From personal experience, when I am so  very deep in knowledge, it can be tough to see clearly about how to solve some of these seriously intricate problems, and I’ll end up having to pull in someone who isn’t “infected” with the in-depth knowledge to keep the high level view in frame of mind.  I can only imagine how this could be even more so for individuals working inside of a company facing these challenges.

About those advertisements on Facebook

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I have a Facebook advertisement gripe.

I don’t really mind advertisements on the sides. Facebook is an incredible resource which we use daily and its free for us to use, but somebody’s got to pay for the servers and employees who provide updates and security patches along with many other resources. Advertisements are a necessary evil.

Sometimes, there’s something that I really like advertised on the side, so I click. Maybe that’s stupid of me, but I want to see that item, see how much it costs, etc.

The thing that gets me is that I cannot actually FIND the item in the picture. This devalues the… value… of the advertisement. If I click, I expect to find what I’m clicking upon. The image did grab my attention far more than the words (i.e. human nature).

What I’d really like is to have the ability to FIND the object in the image. This object may be far outside the price range that I’m willing to spend. Maybe it will be exactly what I’d expect for the object to cost. Either way, I want to find said object and have the option to buy it, see reviews, read comments about it, etc.

I don’t think I’m asking for much. What it really comes down to is relevancy.

If you are a company who is providing advertisements to bolster the attraction to your business, please do your potential customers a favor and provide relevant imagery to represent your business. This not only will bolster the attractiveness of your products, it will also increase customer loyalty and trust.