Once a UX Dictator, no longer. Now, a conduit to amazing features.

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This post.  It’s a little interesting that it comes after my previous one.

My previous one was a heart/gut wrenching experience as I was struggling to transition from the traditional UX role to a new way of working.  It’s part leadership-by-learning (from a thousand mistakes).  It’s part ‘letting go’ of the things that I don’t need to control.  A new way to just be.  To allow for others to participate in the creation of the User Experience.

What is my process? – UX design

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I am a UX (user experience) designer by trade.  I’ve officially been doing so for roughly 5-6 years now, so not a lot of time, but not a small number of years nor experience either.  Presently, I am actively looking for a new group of people to make wonderful solutions with.  I’m excite to venture out and get outside of my comfort zone!

There is this one question that I am getting asked a lot when interviewing:

“What is your process when you do UX?”

Well isn’t that a question to grind your teeth on…

Installing Windows 8 on Windows 7 via Parallels

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After working a few days directly on a tiny touch device, I’m feeling a little cramped in Blend and am spending about as much time moving window panels around as I am styling controls.

Rather than doing a partition to my hard drive, finding another machine, or pleeing with the powers that be to give me a new monitor which has HDMI support and sitting on my hands waiting for that to come through – I’m Parallelsing it!