Coffee – my strange friend

There once was a time, so long ago, when coffee and me were not friends.

There once was a time, so long ago, when coffee and me were not friends. No – I preferred my coffee like I preferred my alcohol. Fru-fru. Sweet enough to not ‘taste’ the gross.

Then, there was this coffee shop. The owner, Bernardo, had his own beans shipped in and he roasted these beans on-site. On the few days of the year when he was roasting, the entirety of Downtown Tacoma smelled like burnt toast. I loved it.

Oh, coffee and me became friends. His coffee was amazing, and the shop was called Aroma Cafe. Its shop owner tried to convince me to just… try his drip coffee. That was ‘the end’ of my dislike for coffee.

Many years later, I became a fan of a few other blends and my story continues. At some point in time, I became a coffee snob and I didn’t even know it. I have very specific coffee preferences – and when coffee is bad – it is really bad.

More than just a cup of coffee

Throughout life, coffee has been there. Through my youthful times when I had more time to spare than money, to the times of divorce and job loss. Coffee has been my constant companion. And for a while… coffee stopped being a source of relaxation and comfort, which was sad. But that’s a story for another time.

What I write about is not so much my story with coffee, as it is to inform: you have been lied to.

When it comes to coffee, darker is not better. Embrace the light-colored tint in your cup. Trust me. You will enjoy it more. Lets say it again – When it comes to coffee, darker is not better.

In fact, quite the opposite.

You see, the darker the roast, the less useful and available the flavors are. The oil? Mostly cooked out. The bean? Nearly at a state of char. And while I was the first kid to want to burn the outside of my marshmallow, where it comes to coffee, the lighter the roast – the more oils and goodness come out.

But it’s not just about flavor. Coffee beans have a lot of quality benefits, too. As most things go, the more time has passed and the more heat applied to something eventually… burns out most of the ‘good stuff’. And I mean antioxidants, fiber, oils that are good for your skin, nails, and hair – and so much else. Over cook something, and it’s just… something to pass through the digestive system, with most of what you need – gone up in smoke.

Coffee = Antioxidants and Antiradicals


As long as you don’t roast it out of the beans! Funny things happen to a lot of organic matter when oxygen touches it. An apple, for instance. Cut it and let it sit out. What happens? Browning. That is oxidation

Well – when we’re talking about antioxidants, we are talking about anti-oxidation. As in, consuming something which will prevent further oxidation of our cells.

I don’t know about you, but that drives me to drink MORE coffee, not less.

Not sure if this is fact or fiction?

Check out these sources!

I want to thank the amazing photographer behind my feature post image:

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