Intellisense in Blend?

My first thought when I read mention of this was *drool*.  I find I am more and more able to comfortably do basic c# for functionality – partly because of intellisense.  But most of XAML to me makes sense – it feels like HTML with a kick, but I wonder what I’m missing at times?

Well, that’s when I tend to hop into Visual Studio – but why when I could have Intellisense in blend?

I say – cool!  But then I kept reading.

Recompiling DLLs?

Sounds like something that even the most adventurous designer might quail from, but just to see how far down the rabbit hole I’d have to go, I decided to read on.

Apparently this is actually a few months old – so old news.  But its good to get the word out no matter how late to the catch, right?

So here’s the link to a blog with someone helping, and a direct link to MSDN’s page for the plugin.

But I have to ask myself – do I really use Intellisense for XAML?


The answer: Nope – not so much.

So why use Visual Studio for XAML?

The organization.  I love the ability to “minimize” huge blocks of code.  Wait – I didn’t make that emphatic enough.  I LOVE the ability to minimize huge blocks of code.

So here are my thoughts: Blend is still a work in progress.  Microsoft keeps adding more and more to the program, and there have been whispers about a Blend 3 being more public knowledge come Mix 09 (wish I could go…).  I wonder if perhaps intellisense will be part of Blend 3 – with full compatibility?

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  1. Esteban Laborn Avatar
    Esteban Laborn

    After I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new feedback are added- checkbox and now every time a remark is added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any way you possibly can remove me from that service? Thanks!

    1. ArielSG Avatar

      Hey Esteban – My system isn’t registering that you’ve commented on anything else – and it’s not showing any other responses either. Are you sure it’s from this site and not another’s?

      1. Marjorie Avatar

        Personally I do not understand why IntelliSense can’t fgriue it out. In your case, a TAB in the string for a number is garbage. Indeed the XAML parser throws a XamlParseException. The same goes for a CR (I use the Enter key instead of the Tab key for completion).To me Microsoft should put intelligence into IntelliSense. It should know that the type of Height is int. Hence any character outside 0-9 should terminate entering the property and move the cursor beyond the double quote. I will settle for TAB or CR mean move the cursor beyond the double quote. Force users to use something like Ctrl+TAB and Ctrl+CR if the really need TAB and CR in a literal string. I don’t think I have had the need for the latter.

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