Hitting every bump in the road

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Last week’s SeattleD2ig meeting I became the proud new owner of a shiny new box filled with Expression goodness – the MS Expression Studio is MINE!

Uninstall my previews, verify that I did in fact install .net 3.5 SP1 as remembered, and then install the new shiny MS Expression Blend w/ key and all.

OOoohh… but its Blend 2.0.  Can’t do Silverlight.  Shoot.

So I download the Service Pack for Blend 2, and commense installation to see this lovely gem after accepting the TOS:

Windows Installer returned error code 1605
Windows Installer returned error code 1605

I’ll post if/when I discover how to get past this issue. I’m beginning to feel that if there are any bumps to be experienced on a roadway where it comes to working with Blend or anything related, I’m bound to find them.



Update: I discovered the cause of my issue.  The version which is in the MS Expression Studio was Expression Blend v. 1   Not Blend 2.

Uninstalling the version from the box, installed one from the MSDN website and applied the key from the box then tried to run the SP1 installation update: Lovely lovely installation success.