Design view exceptions in Blend

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The last few days, there have been more visitors looking for answers as to how to make a design exception “go away” without having to run the project.

The solution to this is just simply to build your project (ctrl+shift+b).  If you’d prefer to do it via the menu strip, click on Project->Build Project.  You can also do a rebuild.

Now why would this occur?  You might have a custom control instantiated into another xaml file, or development which has been updated that changes the visual elements, and sometimes you’re like me, applying something, and its just not showing.  Heck, 2 days ago, I spent at least 5 hours banging my head up against a wall because I couldn’t get a custom control to actually show in the design view, there weren’t any exceptions either.  It just wasn’t there.

I got to the point where I decided that perhaps I’d forgotten a step, so I popped into MSDN and started going through “Try It” sections.

… I discovered that all I needed to do was to rebuild, everything else that I was doing was correct.  I rebuilt the project and vwalla – there it was. 

 Hopefuly I learned that lesson well enough to not encounter this particular “issue” again. 

I hope this helps others who encounter the exception issues as well!