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I don’t know if its the lack of sleep, the non-stop pouring over this book, or the fact that I need coffee, but I just got to one of the last projects for chapter 10 (there are 3 or 4 of them) and I’m seeing the direction to name a Media Element the name of “ME”.

I saw that and started internally jumping up and down.


Because I’m crazy!! … and because I’ve seen that this was a major discrepancy that entirely breaks part of the application a few pages from now. The author, Victor Gaudioso (are you as used to reading the name as I am to typing it?), has in a page dedicated to book updates, the bold letters regarding this flaw.

Not sure why – but I feel as though I just “Dinged” in levels by reaching this point (for those of you who are not gamers, that’s a common phrase used among MMOers who increase in level of skill. Quite often, the game will let off a “DING!” coupled with particle effects and text in some form or another which tells you that you’ve increased in skill/level/whatever.).

Update: Now I’m a complete retard.  I was mistaking this naming for the other.  The other was a section which I had to skip to come back to as I couldn’t get it to behave in the way specified and instead of sitting there going back and forth like a mad person comparing over and over and over again until my eyescrossed, I decided to move on and hope that my abilities and proficiency has improved enough to be able to notice the error.

Convoluted explanation.  You could have just stopped at the sentence, “Now I’m a complete retard.” and you would have been good.