Tacky scented envelopes

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just a quick note: This has nothing to do with Expression Blend, Design, or anything relevant aside from a personal victory in hard times

Long time no post.  I’ve been debating if I’m going to use this as a true blog or hold true to it being a design blog.  Jury is out on that, but today I want to post as if this is a normal personal blog, so here’s my blog.

Its now been 4.5 years, my lovely truck, I love you so much, you have 1 more payment to go and that’s IT!  You’re officially MINE!

But I have 1 thing that I want to do.  The envelope. 

The last envelope . <— (imagine that sentence in scrolly looking font)

 I feel the urge to go out and purchase some of those seriously tacky envelopes which are prescented for the feminine in you – just for the use of sending this very last check.  Can one do that?  Send a sarcastic envelope?  Do you think it’d be recognized as such or just end up in the pile of envelopes which the billing dept likely puts in some sort of waste basket (recycling hopefully?)

 I’m debating on this, but I think I may just have to see if I can find some of those dang things.  Never in a million years did I think I’d ever be contemplating the purchase of scented envelopes… but then again, the sweet sweet act of sending the final payment on a truck which still mostly feels like new… perhaps the time is prime for some smelly paper.