Firefox's tab "groups"

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I finally did it – I allowed Firefox to update to 6.0

I don’t believe I’ve put it off for TOO terribly long, but I did continue to push the “update later” button until this morning.


Most of the time, when I update, I hardly pay much attention to the message by the Firefox reps regarding the update.  I’m just wanting to use the browser and consider the frequent updates to be a bit too frequent.  I understand, security risks are a factor as well as patching performance issues and implementing new user experience features, yadda yadda yadda.  By the time I finally push that button to update, I’m getting more than just 1 update, and am just looking for the notification to please just stop asking me to upgrade.  I’ve posted before about my disdain towards too frequent software patches, so I won’t go deeply into that topic here.

Like I said before, the button was pressed to update Firefox and for some unfathomable reason, I paid attention to their little welcome message illustrating what this update was about… and glad I am of that!

Being a creature of habit, I tend to go to the same places when browsing – so this new tabs group thing is very nice.

Whomever it was that came up with the idea to integrate this functionality into Firefox – should be given some serious kudos.  If they’re seattle based, maybe the company can pay for their parking for a month or something.


Anyway, I thought it worth mentioning.  Kudos to Firefox and maybe kudos to their messaging or marketing team who made the upgrade details screen stand out in such a way that I actually was inclined to pay attention.