Visual State Manager =/= Storyboard?

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Working on a few visual states on a Silverlight 2 page and I want my mouse to hover over an object, have it go through a visual state, then when removing the mouse, have it reverse the animation.

Well, if I’d done these as normal animated storyboards, I’d be able to easily go to my little plus-sign button and create a new one that goes in reverse.  Problem is – I’m working in silverlight and when I created this, I did it through the visual state manager.

What I can’t understand is this: Why would I be given essentially the exact same functionality which is nicely tied into a VSM but not be able to use the same features that make keyframe animating simple and easy?

When I look at my XAML, I see that its starting a storyboard.  So why not give the reverse and duplicate functionality?

Now, I get to create a new visual state, hand copy-paste the previous one in, and then tear it apart so I can reverse each state.  Visually, it looks similar, but there are a lot of different not-connected parts that are moving to make the whole that I have in the initial storyboard.


I guess what I could do is create a storyboard, copy all the xaml from my visual state into the storyboard, then tell the storyboard to reverse, and then copy that back to the new visual state manager bit where I need the reverse to happen…