I’ve been on this new project at work which is giving me the opportunity to work in Blend again (YAY!!  It’s been a while, I’ve been the queen of html/css lately – that’s right, I’m royalty!  :P)

So, working on this project – I could open the solution in Blend and Visual Studio, could build in Visual Studio, but in blend?  Nope.  I’d been plagued with this error message.  This was really screwing with my work because some of what I was doing NEEDED for me to build the project.

The error message looked like this:

The specified solution configuration “Debug|BNB” is invalid. Please specify a valid solution configuration using the Configuration and Platform propert...

After getting any updates I could find for Expression Blend 4, which took 2 hours to install, I was still experiencing this issue.  *sigh*

Thanks to this post on stackoverflow, I was able to get past this and actually build my project!  The two options:

  • Delete the conflicting environment variable “Platform” in “Control Panel — System — Advanced — Environment Variables”. Restart Blend and give it a try (maybe you have to restart your computer to make this work).
  • If this does not help: With the registry editor (Start — Run — “Regedit.exe”) go to key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerEnvironment and selected the key Platform. Delete the value BNB. If you do not find the specified key, try repacing “CurrentControlSet” with “ControlSet001”, this worked for in one case, too. Then restart your computer.

Option 1: here didn’t seem to be anything related which would come into conflict, so I went for option 2.  Found platform and removed the BNB value and restarted.  Tadah!


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