I’ve come to enjoy the power and ease of Blend 2.  But as I become increasingly more familiar to the point of some things almost being second-nature, I begin to encounter limitations and desires for future additions.

One of such additions that I think would be beneficial would be the ability to transform items trapazoidally (is that even a word?).

It allows for rotations, parallelogram transforms, scaling in size – both decreasing and increasing and full flipping vertically and horizontally (great for creating reflections).  However, faking 3D is sort of an artform that I’ve enjoyed and a lot of that has to do with changing the perspective of an object by transforming it into a trapazoid.

There are ways to accomplish this, yes, but not anywhere nearly as swiftly / easily as the other transformations available in blend (unless I’m mistaken and if I am, oh please tell me.  I’ll be ever so excited to be wrong on this one).

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