It has been quite a long time, and a whole lot has gone on in my life to keep me away from this lovely blog.  I can’t say that I’m officially “back” because I feel that will doom this blog back into silence, but I will conservatively say that I think I will be posting a bit more often. 

We shall see 🙂

In any event, I’m currently downloading expression suite 4, the demo.  I’ve read a wonderful FAQ which tells me that I don’t have to purchase a new one since I already have a licensed copy of Expression Studio 3.  I just need to download Expression Studio 4 and bing-bam, it’ll be a full registered version.


So I am now downloading the trial for Expression Studio 4 – and kind of excited about it.  I had dread towards the coming of Expression Studio 4 because I had only JUST obtained a full copy of 3 the week prior, when suddenly there’s talk of a soon to be releasing 4 with sketchflow.  If ever there was a time to shake my fist at someone, I surely was struck by the desire at that moment.

In any event – here I sit – 28% downloaded with 72% to go.

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