The last few days I’ve been tinkering with a few of the tutorials over the web and its been interesting, but I found myself really missing having the string of projects one after another.

I plan to take the screensaver which I created and make it something more, but that will come with time. I have a really awesome idea for it but I don’t want to give too many details at this point in time. Quite possible that things will change while I work on it.

What I started to realize was that I was a bit hooked on going through the book and doing the hands-on projects, and I wanted more, so I started looking around. I read reviews regarding books on blend and they just weren’t exactly on par with what I was looking for, and neither were the ones on C# – at least not at this stage.

But then I found a book which seems almost a natural progression from the one which I just completed. Interestingly enough, its by the same publishing company.

The Book: Foundation Silverlight 2 Animation, by Jeff Paries.

The reviews are very similar to what I felt regarding the Blend 2 book – author doesn’t assume you already have high levels of knowledge, and progressively directs you through topics as they get more complex.

So once I reformat my computer and install vista (decided to upgrade from windows XP), I’ll start going through this new book and I’ll be sure to blog my brains out about it chapter after chapter.

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  1. Thanh Bellace
    Nov 11, 2011

    Thanks for the tips… Best regards.