I’ve finally had some time to sit down at my new computer and get the final things installed on it so I can move forward with this new book that I have on Silverlight Animations, by Jeff Paries but I’d somehow managed to forget exactly how long it took to get everything set up the first time through.

So I’m sitting here, flipping between watching the installation bar, looking at statistics for various sites that I own or manage, and reading through emails.  Rinse and repeat.

The installs themselves aren’t that much of an issue – actually the updates are what kill the coo-coo clock.  Currently, I’m upgrading my visual studio to SP1 and then I’ll need to upgrade .net 3.5 to the most current service pack.

I dread 1 thing – what if I need to do them in a different order?  I feel a potential murphy’s law moment coming my way in the near future.

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