About a quarter of the way into Victor’s book on Blend 2, he’s stepping us through the changing of the window’s default styling to specific items as they are displayed within a listbox.

Well he mentions that Blend doesn’t allow you to edit this visually, however, you can change it in the XAML – so he directs you to click on the tab which allows access directly to the XAML code.

In this area, I discover a feeling as though the world is closing in on me. Sometimes everything blurs together and I’d like to just see what I want to work with. Call me spoiled, but I really – REALLY enjoy that functionality which is present within Visual Studio.

I used to be a notepad girl – did almost everything in notepad, and with that, I was just fine.

But then I was given this project that had several hundred individual .ASPX pages which hooked into a whole lot of other resources. It was nearly impossible to continue in my elitist notepad hugging.

So I took in a deep breath, gave in to all the hype that I kept hearing from others who were doing similar work and their constant prodding for me to give up notepad in favor of Visual Studio, and I downloaded the dang program.

… I fell in love.

I’m spoiled now. For the modifications of XAML, I very much prefer to pop into Visual Sudio – so I’m going to do that now instead of following the book’s direction.

Shhh… don’t tell anyone!

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