Isn’t that picture gloriously dramatic?

It’s been how long since this site was alive and well… ?  Something nearing 2 years, that’s how long.

Where have I been?  Well – let’s just say life has taken interesting turns.  I’m still working with brilliant people who are working as a team to help companies as an outside source.  We’re pushing the envelope of innovation at times or just helping these teams and organizations bridge the gap between their offerings and their customers in simpler ways.

I am an Interaction Designer with the title of “User Experience Architect”.  Eternally curious about the predictability of our irrational behavior.  In a changing / evolving landscape, which, much like our children – while we’d like to just ask them to stop growing, stop evolving, they just don’t seem able to stop – so is the ever-changing world that we live in.  Our relationship with technology?  Why, that’s constantly changing too.

What will you find here in this blog? 

A mess – that’s what!  I’ve just set up a brand new site and imported the only backup I could find of the previous rendition.  There are posts, but little to no imagery.


But – I promise to clean up some of the past articles while contributing new content along the way. 

There’s also an exciting challenge that I am joining in on.  Stay tuned for my post on that tomorrow.


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