After working a few days directly on a tiny touch device, I’m feeling a little cramped in Blend and am spending about as much time moving window panels around as I am styling controls.

Rather than doing a partition to my hard drive, finding another machine, or pleeing with the powers that be to give me a new monitor which has HDMI support and sitting on my hands waiting for that to come through – I’m Parallelsing it!

Back when I was first learning to use Blend, I ran it through Parallels on a Mac, so this will be the first time running Parallels on a PC running windows, running a VM for a different Windows OS.

Should be an interesting experience. Something straight-forward to blog about!

I’ll have more updates to come to talk about the experience. Good, bad, or otherwise.


Oh, and for those who don’t know what the heck Parallels is:

It’s a low-resource “hogging” virtual machine, popularized by the ability to run windows on a Mac box. It runs on most popular OSes including Linux and gives the ability to have other operating systems running on the same box. They do more as well, but for personal use, this is in a nutshell what “parallels is”.

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