The plan was to release everything along with this blog in conjunction with a spiffy purely xaml based site and the site was designed by me and made “alive” by my good friend David – but the last few years I’ve done a whole lot of consultation work, and not a lot of original pieces – and that is leaving the portfolio section bare in a very extreme way.

So until I have more content to put there – it isn’t going up. It stinks and will likely drive David up the wall while he waits for it to go up, but sometimes life happens and things just don’t go according to plan.

So in the mean time, I’m going to use this blog as sort of a catalogue for myself to quick reference as well as possibly help others who are diving head-first into using the expression tools. For someone like me, who has known the world of design and UI through notepad and photoshop – there are a lot of things that some people take for granted who are already “in the world” that I’m poking my head into, so if you’re already there and I’m blogging about things that you do in your sleep, its quite possible that this blog is not targeted at you.

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