I just completed Chapter 10 and am thinking back a bit.

Just a few days ago, I was not exactly uncomfortable with tinkering with the C# but I very much was not anywhere close to the level of comfort that I have now, and like a battle scare that one is proud of, I’m proud of something I’m already noticing that I do incidentally that I kick myself over – a bad habit beginning to form.  Habits only begin to form when you’re used to doing something over and over again.

The bad habit?  Putting quotations where I know they need to be there.  Now why is that bad?  Because Visual studio does it for me, so I end up having something that looks like this:


I then have to stop in my train of thought, backtrack, and fix it.

Ahh… progress.

On a personal note, the only reason I’m even able to scream through this book as quickly as I am is because the last day of 2008, our water heater broke.  Someone has to be here for those who are far more capable of taking care of that situation than me – which means I’m home from work and instead of sitting on my hands or picking my nose, I decided to finally start going through this book – one which has been begging me to go through it for months.

Tomorrow, they fix the water heater.  I wonder if I’ll actually get through to chapter 15 by the end of tomorrow?  I’m just now starting chapter 11 and… its 3:30am.

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