I decided that though these last 2 chapters were not quite correct, that I’d try them anyway, and see if I can wade through it by letting intellisense inform me of what I can or cannot do and from there, work with the debugger if I ran into any problems.

Seemed like a good idea, except for 1 important thing: My version of blend on my laptop was the full version of Blend 2.0 and it doesn’t include support for Silverlight 2, only 1.  Not to dispair though, I thought.  I’d noticed on the expression blend website that an SP1 update was available which gave Silverlight 2 support.

I downloaded it, installed and opened my updated Blend to have it report that my trial was expired.

Trial?  Wait a minute here.  My version was a full x86 version!

Attempt to uninstall causes the installer to crash.  An attempt to repair causes the installer to crash.

… I see only 2 options:

Manually hop through my regedit and update everything by hand.

Backup my data and install a fresh version of windows.

I’m now locked out of blend from my PC and my Macbook. *sigh*

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