For the past 2, maybe 3 months, there has been this war (mostly in my own head) – will something be done in Silverlight 2 or Silverlight 3?  Can it wait for release?  Will it benefit to be done in silverlight 3?  Of course, the release seemed so dang far out that I’d try to make as much work in Silverlight 2

Understanding the features and the limitations as well as the strengths between the two, Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3, also assisted with this but when it came down to it, the majority of projects that I’ve been working on have been Silverlight 3, Silverlight 3, and oh – Silverlight 3.

Except it hadn’t yet released! 

Well finally – it has.  Uninstalling all of the prior software and then installing the Developer verison of Silverlight 3 (yes, there is a different version for the runtime, or so I’ve found) has been done and now I’m ready to rock out with the released Silveright 3 – and there is a newer version to install than what had been up on the development site 2 weeks ago, so if you haven’t already, be sure to get it… and cringe as you find that many of the things that you’ve been working on likely have broken…

On a less personal note, check out the new official silverlight website.  I hear one of the local (to the Seattle, WA region) studios, Identity mine, created the lovely floaty image thing on the site.  Only thing that I wish could be done on there is to have more of the images clickable.  So few of them can be interacted with beyond the mouse motion!

In any event, go check it out:

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