Trying to confuse us?

You get through the first 5 chapters, no problem.  Very basic stuff and then you get to hop into chapter 6 of the book and you are writing c#, creating custom buttons that actually do stuff, and having interactive media players.

I can recall  – maybe a year and a half ago? – a time when I spent hours searching for a media player which I can use for a few videos to play on a website.  Now I’m here, creating a media playing application – not quite web based, but still.  If you’re one who is able to get through design or basic coding tutorials, no problem – then I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to get through this. 

Up through this point, I’ve created and wired up the buttons, “Play” “Stop” and “Pause” with the pause button having a boolean toggle applied to allow it to resume play if you click on the pause – while its paused.  Now we’re wiring up the “next” button. 

Though this is seriously tiny – in every other portion of the book, Victor has been fairly consistant, even to the point of having all but the first screenshot of “where are we saving this?” in a c:/Projects/WPFBookProjects/revised folder *cough*  – but he is now changing things on us!

We’ve been setting up this media player for the entire chapter, and compared to the other chapters gone through so far, this is the longest.  Up until now, he’s been using a video named, “tlc.wmv”.  Now all of a sudden, he’s too cool and needs to up the anny on it and use the infamous baby using an iPhone video.  Maybe its his own, and he’s naming it similar to the one on the web, maybe not – but come on!  What’d tlc.wmv do to warrant being replaced?!

Ok – I’m being a bit dramatic – I am, however, having a bit of fun with the creation of this application.  Once I’m done w/ this app, I’ll be sure to camtasia it like I did the basic keyframe animation from the end of chapter 3.

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