When I last actively blogged on Facing Blend (not counting the random occasional post with crickets to fill the silence of months between), life was quite different.  Between pregnancy discomfort and working at a job that no longer challenged me (after years of attempting to work every angle I could so I could find challenges to overcome) – I wasn’t the happiest.

(No hard feelings towards the company.  Even the director 2 bosses up from my own wrote me a letter of recommendation expressing how I’ve grown out of the company’s ability to keep me challenged.)

Things have changed – a lot.  I now am working for an amazing company that is nothing but challenges (and fun!) from project to project.  I’m even finding time to connect with people that I feared I wouldn’t ever again… I’m finding myself to be quite happy and moving forward on lighter feet.


Redefining “Facing Blend”

The meaning behind Facing Blend was a bit shallow, but I am about to give it a greater and more personal level of depth.  Its original meaning surrounded my struggles and triumph as I went from an Adobe and Web standards background to something more interactive by way of learning how to use Expression Blend.

But underlying all of this was a much deeper meaning that I was constantly wanting to blog about, which wasn’t specific to expression blend, the software.  That deeper meaning being the struggle that I think many have in many industries – the challenges surrounding the blend between work and family.

I’m the one who created Facing Blend – so why not blog about all sorts of “Blend”?  Work and Family, Design and Development, and anything in between.  So from now on, not only will there be work related, design or development related, content, but also other types of content.  Will anybody be interested in the content?  No clue.  But I sure hope so!


Today – I am officially going to turn a new leaf on Facing Blend.

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