About 2 weeks ago, I made the mistake of installing the SP1 update to blend – but the incorrect one.  I had a full release version of Blend 2, but the Service Pack which I’d downloaded was for the preview.

The installer was angry, wouldn’t uninstall, wouldn’t repair – wouldn’t load.  I’d get the beginning of the pretty window and then a windows crashed alert, do you want to let Microsoft know why this program crashed?

Launching Blend resulted in the beautiful message related to it expiring… ugh.

Well this happened the day after my preview version which was installed on my PC had expired!  Suffice it to say, I was cut off from my fun almost all at once.  I decided to concentrate on the PC, and come back to the Macbook later.

Well now is later and I decided to be adventurous and install Windows 7 on the macbook with a shiny new Parallels 4 virtual drive.

So far so good, we’re in the middle of the installation.  I’ll blog if I run into problems or … well.

I’ll blog.

Oh, and by the way, if you were interested in trying out Windows 7, its downloadable for free as a Beta version here:


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