I thought these walls were supposed to be sturdy!

Blender functions without the correct version of python installed, but not everything works. A lot of the key controls may as well not exist and the entire use of the right-click functions are gone.

Thankfully everything is menuful – and there are a LOT of menus, but I was able to wade through and even though its been years (something like 5?) since I’ve played with 3D models (and I didn’t do it for very long either), I was able to accomplish nearly what was being instructed to do in the book.

The codeplex exporter works so well that it makes you feel as though it must have a bug or a hitch. It just – works and takes next to no time at all. About the amount of time that it takes for you to release your mouse button from clicking on the “Export to XAML”.

So my thanks to the creator of the export to XAML plugin and to the great people within Freenode’s #blender IRC channel for your help and humor.

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