Though I’ve pushed myself fairly strongly into using blend, I feel that I am lacking in a few areas.  Where there is utmost certainty in creating much of anything in HTML and CSS and the varying ways to do certain things and going forward w/ the choice between those various ways based on circumstance, I still find myself having questions while working in Blend.  The software is just so new.  What might be considered as “best practice”?  What sort of containers, and how far should you go with organization?  Sometimes it can become absolutely crazy having things inside container after container after container.  Its like one of those christmas gifts which is inside a small box, but packaged, in humour, inside so many boxes that the final box is a quarter the size of a christmas tree!

In an attempt to cover those tracks and make the unknown into “known”, I have my “hands” on an electronic copy of Victor Gaudioso’s book, Foundation Expression Blend 2: Building Applications in WPF and Silverlight I believe that it will be useful to comment on the various chapters as I go through the book.

More blogs will come shortly.

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