All the crap that I usually skip when picking up a book… I’m reading it this time.  He has a level of whit mixed in with the information and its written as though he’s talking, not as though its a book.

The first chapter: Setting up the WPF Development environment is the only thing that I’ve been able to get through when I’ve tried going through this book in the past.  I’ve tried and had a few false-starts since the book’s release… there would always be something – computer-hanging and erroring when installing visual studios, sudden crashing – oh and harddrive failures?  It was as though the gods of … Silverlight(?) didn’t want me to get through this book when I was trying to get through it.

Lets see how far I get this time.

Anyhow, the first chapter is getting you set up.  That’s right – actually set up to go.  It assumes that you don’t know everything in the world about what you need to get moving with this – it makes no assumption besides the fact that you are wanting to go through the book and have a computer with basic capabilities and hard drive space.  In a world where 8 gig “thumb drives” are nearly as easy to find as an espresso stand in Western Washington, I think most anyone will be able to handle the minimum requirement of 5 gigs of free space on some form of storage media.

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