As blogged about earlier, ZAM3D is no longer available for trial download.  Bummer – but the author has provided the XAML for us readers so that we may continue through this section.

If you’re following along in the book with me, that’ll be helpful.

Also, the Silverlight chapters (14 and 15) have revisions – sort of.

A quote from his… other blog other than the blog on his official book’s webpage:

It has been brought to my attention by some readers that the Silverilght chapters (13 and 14) are not compiling with Silverlight 2.0.  So, I have written two new articles (complete with source code) to accomplish the same goals (a paging system and a media player).  The paging system chapter is replaced with an article on how to use Silverlight 2.0’s new VSM (Visual State Manager) and Blend 2.5’s new State panel to make an Image Viewer.  The Media Player chapter is replaced by an article on how to create a very sleek Silverlight 2.0 media player with amazing mouse enter and mouse leave effects.  These articles will be part of the upcoming book update but you can get them now by emailing me at wpfauthor at gmail dot com. 
I double checked – they’re chapters 14 and 15 – thought I was going bonkers, but besides that – the information is quite interesting.  I’m tempted to go through the 2 chapters with silverlight 1, and then also go through with emailing him for the offered additions.
I think I may poke at my friend, David who works with Silverlight 2 daily (Author of soon to be released book, Hacking Silverlight 2) after going through the chapters regarding the Silverlight 1 builds and have him assist with “upgrading” the web applications to Silverlight 2 and from there, make them available hosted here on Facing Blend. 

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