Already through chapter 12 – I may end up having to skip chapter 13 as it has me delve into using Zam3D again which as mentioned before, is no longer available for trial download.

So the last part of chapter 12 takes the exercise from the end of chapter 9 and then increases what you’re doing by having 3 different views.

So quick view of the final product is what many would consider to be a photo album. It has a drop-down menu which contains photos that you have statically assigned through C# custom class, 3 radial buttons which change the view, with the 3 views being a typical view of the images, a 3D skewed perspective of the images, and a 3D Cube which spins, all of which paint whichever image you’ve chosen over the chosen medium.

Its pretty dang cool.

I think I’m going to skip ahead to the 2 last chapters which deal with Silverlight, and then come back to chapter 13.

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