There was quite the high level of frustration.

Chapter 12, after the section regarding Dependency Properties, you go over a case study which is… exactly the same exercise which was done at the tail end of chapter 9.

The part which I ended up skipping over as I could not get my new class to even show when clicking to add a CLR object – the actual project itself wasn’t showing at all, just the system resource classes.

The first time we did this, at the end of Chapter 9, I spent a good 2+ hours trying to discover the source of the issue – why wasn’t it showing?!  I downloaded the example provided on the book’s website and compared the C# from that with my code and they appeared to have no differences.  I knew that this would likely be something that I would either spend more hours looking at and be a case-study for einsteins theory on insanity (doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results) or if I was smart, I’d just move on and come back to it.

Well chapter 12 has us coming back to it and I experienced the same issue.  3DImageProject was not showing even as an asset to be searched in the “Add CLR Object Data Source” menu.  The only items showing were the system and presentation resources.

Oh man.  My heart sank very low.  I thought for sure this time it would work and that I’d just have to do the prevous one over again – but nope.  This one didn’t work.  Which told me 2 things.  1) The first time through I very well may have done it completely right, and 2) There might be an additional step which I need to take between the switch from Visual Studio and trying to add the CLR through Blend.

I started looking around and a thought came to mind.  Sometimes when I’m working between various documents within Visual Studio where the documents reference each other, Visual Studio won’t notice the existance of the link properly until after hitting F6 to build.  Then the notification squiglies discontinue their plague and I can continue on without issue.

Now, just before moving from Visual Studio to Blend, I did build the application, but perhaps Blend itself wasn’t associating everything.  So I decided to use Blend’s “Build Solution” (ctrl+shift+B) and try from there to add a new CLR and guess what… IT WORKED!!!

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