Last night’s Seattle D2ig meetup was quite interesting with speaker Yoeun Pen explaining Flex and how this is bringing Flash development and design forward into well… today.

After the meeting, there was the amusing conversation regarding the “Integrator” role and the 2 names that have been mockingly thrown back and forth regarding “other ways” to name a person who is both what I call a hybrid – Designer and Developer.

But as I was drifting off to sleep on our way home from Bellevue (I promise, I wasn’t driving – I was sleeping!  ha ha – and in the passanger seat), it dawned on me – Deseloper vs. Devigner.  These COULD be more technically used terms, and here’s how:


A lot of hybrids (as in people, not cars) come from a strong development background and are beginning to pick up on their naturally innate ability to see more than just the code – they have an eye on a window into design and understand design concepts which allows them to be quite the handyman as they’ll have one of the best relationships with the designers, instead of butting heads.  Their strongest trait being in Development; while they get and have the ability to paint the picture they mostly are just making the code play nice and implement the artwork into that code. 

Moto: Code – meet Art.  Art – meet Code.


This person is a designer first and foremost, but like me, has found the desire to do more than just paint the picture – we want to make it move!  There’s a little bit of practical logic tied into this creative mind, and this allows the Deseloper to shine in being able to take their creative artwork and understand how to wire it up so that it APPEARS to do something.  The actual hard coding is still being done by someone much more talented in development skills, but this designer has a few tricks up his or her sleeve that gives them a kick while getting through their design projects. 

Moto: Hey you!  Pretty picture!  Dance!

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