I’ve come to the conclusion that this will likely never go away.  The more I work in Expression Blend, the stronger the case of disorientation is when I come back to photoshop to do a quick mockup of something and I figured that there would likely be a time where I would go between the two and seeing as how I know what to do once the application is open based on its UI, that I’d recall the differences w/o issue as though it were all muscle memory.

However, the similarities of controls and manipulation are just so similar that every time I switch between the two, it takes a moment for the change to click.

For instance – shapes – aka vector objects.  Photoshop has vector objects – they’re not as easy to manipulate after they’ve been placed in a layer as they would be if I were in illustrator or blend, but they do have them in photoshop and I use them more than I think any other tool in photoshop.  It helps that I’ve lately been using photoshop to do mockups of things that will translate to Expression Blend… but there-in lies the problem.

So an example: In photoshop, I have a circle, I need place it and its not quite right.  So I scale it… but oh yeah, I need to approve the append in photoshop.  In blend, I make the change and its much more like illustrator.  It just is – its done.  Changed.

Gradients – I’ve come to very VERY much enjoy the flexibility of hand manipulating direction and well.. every characteristic of a gradient.  I’d like to toot my own horn and say that I’ve actually gotten pretty damn good at it.  In photoshop, its all raster based.  So its… seriously different.  Sure – a whole lot more can be done, but I also find limitations to the power of the rastering in photoshop.

So yeah – anyway.  I think I’ve officially determined that I will likely never get over that first 5 minutes of “oh yeah, that’s right, I’m not working in ___”

Oh – and just for the heck of it because I’ve gone a different direction, below is a screenshot of a flower recreated using gradients in blend – next to the example flower which is a photograph of a real flower.

XAML vs of an orange lillie
XAML vs of an orange lillie

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