I’ve heard often enough that some much prefer to at least be given the option on whether or not to have to view the Silverlight version site when going to my .com – so in lue of that, I’m updating my blog to be a more fully functional site rather than 90% blog. Tomorrow, I’ll have a landing page which gives visitors the choice to visit either the Silverlight 3 or non-Silverlight 3 version of my site.

Now there is a slight bit of an unfortunate circumstance with this new look to my site. I have this incredible plugin, but in the process of configuring it, I thought it might be beneficial to upgrade my wordpress to the latest version. Unfortunately, that broke the little font-page content scroller. I’ll either poke around into the files and see what I can do about fixing it or I’ll just wait until the original author upgrades their plugin to support the latest version of wordpress.

thumbs-upAs to the recent upgrades, I’d have to say that I was very close to moving entirely away from wordpress – until the last week or two. I upgraded to the latest version. Not only is the administration far cleaner, but the plugins that 3rd-party authors are creating seems to be of higher quality as well. Sounds like the same story that many other software groups are going – better/ more usable design, cleaner coding, hightened standards.

So I give a huge shoutout to all who are developing and designing for WordPress. You guys are rockin’ at all that you’re doing!

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