As many know, I’m part of the local Seattle Developer / Designer Interaction group. There are many updates to this that are posted on the official site for this organization, but I wanted to post my own summary about it here.


InteractFirst on the list is the name. We’ve decided that it would be best to simplify the name. We’ve renamed the group to, simply, Interact.

An official logo hasn’t yet been created, but we have a placeholder to assist with the transition created by David Kelley. I have a feeling that we’ll be holding onto this for a few weeks.

More interaction more of the time

Seattle D2ig (Seattle Developer / Designer Interaction Group) had its first meeting in October in 2008 and since has met every 3rd wednesday of each month. These meetings have been excellent and we’ve seen new faces presenting and attending since the group started. Presentations have occupied a variety of content including the workflow of iphone design and development, the change in Flash to seperate development to Flex, The Design Developers of the Zune, Microsoft Silverlight, and much more. But these are only once a month, and very overview with topics fitting into an hour and a half, sometimes two hours with a small group getting together for food and drink afterwards. The “but” in that is the overview “not enough” feeling.

Plus, the majority of those who join are either heavy on the Flash or on the Silverlight side of technologies – or somewhere in between. Because of this, we have 2 virtual SIGs that will soon be “live” to further the education growing cooperations between developers and designers.

What the heck does this mean?

It means that we’ll be meeting on 2 more occasions, but earlier in the day and virtually through Windows Live Meetings which will occur the first and second wednesdays at noon every month.

Wait, that’s lunch time! Yes, yes it is.(click on the links below for details)

Have Lunch with Interact on Silverlight
Have Lunch with Interact on Adobe

This is a very new chapter in this organization and as we grow, who knows – maybe more virtual meetings will come in the future.

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