Silverlight 2 stuffs – my “thing” which is “done” has a specialized font and the page.xaml is calling the user control which was created – the User control is the part which is using and referencing the font.

When pulling the joyful information directly from the user control – it displays the font, however, when calling the user control in page.xaml… *erk*(as in the sound a car makes when someone puts on their brakes)!  No font.  It resorts to the User Input darn default.

Ugh.  I’ve watched the Tim Huerert video (probably mispelled that name) and that method works only on the native document or so it seems.  I’ve heard reference of embedding the resource into the DLL but as to how the heck to do that is beyond me…

I’ll keep searching.  I WILL find it!

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