There’s this little piece of FacingBlend that I originally designed just as an icon and my buddy David said, “Hey!  You should make that into the REAL THING!”

So I did – I made it larger.  There were a few things… ok, a LOT of things… that needed to be modified when it was in its larger form, further details and the like, but the base model itself was still near to exactly the same – but then it required more fun stuff, like some level of interactivity, nice animations so that when YOU do something IT does something.

Ok, I’m being vague, and somewhat on purpose because I’m in the middle of “rolling it back” because the crazy guy did it in Silverlight 3 – but oh wait.  Nothing’s supposed to “Go live” in Silverlight 3 according to the SL3 Development site.

So I’m going through some of the C# when I find a comment.

// blow up...

I can’t help it but laugh.  I think that would be one of my absolute favorite things when going through someone else’s work and modifying things.  The little comments that only someone who knows how to go through the stuff will find.

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