Trying to figure out what the heck it is that is causing the issue.

I’m at the tail end of chapter 7 and it isn’t seeing the reference to InsideButton and so therefore won’t run.

I’ve downloaded the example which is provided as support for the book and have compared and besides a few uncircumstancial changes, such as a difference in width and height or the source of an image, I’m not finding where it was that I’ve overlooked my xaml or C#.

I swear it has to be something just staring me RIGHT in the face.

Update: I discovered what my problem was – and this actually was an interesting find. There were 2 instances of my custom created item within the asset library. There was a custom control and a custom button. I’d used the custom button – and that is why I ran into the problem. It wasn’t actually referencing the custom control which had the x:Name set to InsideButton – so obviously, it wasn’t going to see the information necessary as there was no reference to the User Control asset!

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