This is frakin' cool

As much as I thought I had a decent level of familiarity and proficiency with blend, I have to put my hands down and admit it now – I knew nothin’.

We started out by creating a shape in this chapter, turned it into a resource for the program to reuse, turned our back on the button and played around with  modifying the default system settings of List Boxes, and then returned with the information gained from our experience of changing the default system settings and took it further by adding our button style to a more root application resource dictionary and finally, after tinkering with the settings both by hand and by the visual designer, we turned that into a control which give us the ability to just simply click and drag out the newly created asset as an item on the toolbar.

This is freakin’ cool.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I kept allowing issues come in the way of going through this book.  Ahh… foresight.

The only thing that continues to bug me is that we’re creating buttons.  They’re supposed to DO stuff when you run your mouse over them and click!  I am assuming that he’ll get there, but its driving me nuts having what I’d call an “Image with function” as opposed to what this is supposed to be – a button – with all the characteristics of a button.  I am sometimes a patient person, but sometimes I choose to not be.


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