Just… incredible.

I decided that I was going to go back to working on something that I’d started before the book – while my other computer was waiting for its completed status to be… well – complete.

In the process, I found myself frustrated with trying to creatively recreate something that I’d originally created in Blend. (Perhaps I should have tried in Design?) On a whim, I decided that it might be interesting to see if someone had created a plugin which converted Photoshop files to XAML.

Well guess what? Someone has.

Here’s a link.

This makes me a very VERY happy lady.


Its not path by path like I would prefer it – instead what it does is turn the file into a PNG and from there create an imagebrush.

Alternatively, if you have a PSD you could just take the elements which you would like, seperate the layers, and then save each as a PNG. Add the new PNG to your project in the resources pane, and then draw out a shape and fill it with an imagebrush.

– – – Not exactly what I was looking for, but useful.

Further searching shows several Adobe Illustrator exports to XAML though which ARE path plotting.

Here are a few links:

A lot of the times, if you have your PSD prepared for it, you can easily open your items to illustrator.  Technically you can do this on any occasion, however, depending on how you have your PSD, it may be quite difficult to tinker with once its opened into illustrator.  The behavior of the different elements often don’t quite behave the way they would if they were built natively within Illustrator.

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