The installation of Vista at first appeared to be pretty smooth, but then I attempted to update the drivers on my video card so it would pick up the dual DVI on the single card and display across both monitors.

Unfortunately, I encountered the blue screen of death and the only way it was even possible to get the dang thing to load into vista was by going into safe mode and rolling back the drivers. Downloaded several different releases of the driver for the video card and unfortunately all of them resulted in the same issue.

Lets just say, I was fairly bummed when I wanted to get through the first few chapters of the Silverlight 1 animations book published by Friends of ED.

In any event, this resulted in finally purchasing the last pieces to a computer which has been slowly coming into conception, piece by piece over the past few weeks. It was a little costly and untimely, but we upgraded none-the-less. Vista’s installation was painless and the windows updates have been applied. I just wish it hadn’t eaten up my entire weekend.

Cross your fingers for me, if you could, and hope that things go smoothly from this point forward.

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  1. gra
    Jul 29, 2011

    You are overcome by the fact because you think you are.