Twitter brought their service down for maintanence yesterday and at noon today.  As of this morning, if someone was to reply to someone that wasn’t part of my crowd, I’d not actualy see the message. 

Well you know what?  I use that!  Quite a few people that I didn’t realize were on Twitter that I actually talk with regularly were found because they were talking with someone else that I already had on my following list.   I’m not alone in this – many people, and I mean many – are upset about the update.  But twitter has some news.  The original functionality as it was – was a bit broken and would have melted down into a lovely ooz of horridness had they not taken it down. 

Well they definitely hear us and really support how we’ve been using the @___ reply system.

Posted on their Twitter Blog – Twitter gives us feedback as to why the feature had to be removed as well as the steps that they’re taking to bring most of it back, but in a way that will allow us to manage based on our preferences rather than by default.  I kind of like that.  I could see how some people wouldn’t like to have the information if there were several people who were reply-happy and OVERLY posting.

So in the coming future, we’ll be able to update the settings to our preference.  Now they didn’t specify exactly how much power we’ll have – will it be an all on, all off, specific contact selections or… ?

I guess we’ll have to wait for more information.


Now – back to my normal design/blend type posts.

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