I’ve decided to join a design challenge!  For better or for worse, I will be creating a new interface for the next 180 (week) days.

Along with me, another fellow, who I met in the UX Pros LinkedIn group is in on the same challenge and I’ll be cross linking to his work.  At this point, he already has a head-start on me.  He is planning to create an interface every day of the week, including the weekends.  My weekends tend to be fairly ‘unplugged’, so I decided to not try and re-plug myself in.  Which means, every week, I’ll be 2 more days behind him.

Between the two of us, and others who may choose to join us, ideas will be thought of for interfaces and we’ll tackle them in our own ways.

If you want to be a part of the action, its easy.

  • Stay motivated and design each day, whatever it is.
  • Upload your work on instagram, twitter, facebook using #180daysofUI so that others can keep track of your work.
  • Join our linkedin group

Day 1 is a restaurant menu.

I chose the following:

Interface Android / Kindle (7″ screen tablet)

Restaurant The Ram (www.theram.com)

Challenges This restaurant is well known in the region.  I found it quite a surprise to visit their website and find it fairly low-tech.  In their defense, I bet there aren’t many who use their website, but from a User Experience perspective, their website is reinforcing that current trend…  In any event, this is the kind of restaurant which has its own home-brews and a great deal of wonderful food to choose from, regardless if you’re in a healthy or highly-unhealthy mood.

An interesting thing to note is that they have a unique menu for each location.  With something around 20 locations, that is a cool thing to learn about The Ram, and lastly, I think I need to try their Vampire Fries.  Until now, I hadn’t even noticed them as an option.




See Ansh Deb’s submissions for this challenge.

Also, if you’d like to: Follow this challenge on Instagram and BeHance – 180 days of UI and let us know what you think!

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