This is my day 2 submission for the 180 days of User Interface design challenge, otherwise known as #180DaysofUI.


After my work day, I spent my time working on fixing hot tub plumbing and ended up running a bit thin on time for this challenge.  So – paying homage to the recently watched, super-delayed viewing of one of the most epic movies of all time, I present to you a countdown timer.  Useful to know when a Shark-laden-tornado may touch down upon your town.

For more information about this challenge, see Day 1: 180 days of Interface Design – Restaurant menu

Day 2 is a Sharknado touch-down counter w/ related news

Interface iPhone 5

Challenges Getting the right lighting for the sharks was terribly difficult.  They certainly do have a good and a bad side for photography.

Sharknado - Countdown to Touchdown
Sharknado – Countdown to Touchdown
Casually looking at countdown
Casually looking at countdown


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See Ansh Deb’s submissions for this challenge.

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