Day 3: PILLS – a medicine tracking #180daysofUI

Day 3 submission is in!

This is an idea out of the air.  I present to you: PILLS.


PILLS is a pharma tracking app.  Take a snapshot of your medicine container and the application magically reads the label and fills out the contents.


Interface iPhone 5s

Challenges Writing about the challenges.  To me, this seems like something which should already exist.  This exists for wine labels, why not pharmaceuticals?  While there are many who wouldn’t need this app, those who would… they should have something of this nature.  It’s often a pain to know and track the pharmacy, its number, or its website.  If we had an interface which could enable login to the individual sites and submit refills on the user’s behalf, it could significantly cut down the ‘pain in the rear’ time and just let people move on with their lives.


By Ariel Spaulding - Day 3 #180DaysofUI
Viewing all / manage medicine
By Ariel Spaulding - Day 3 #180DaysofUI
Pharma label fields

By Ariel Spaulding - Day 3 #180DaysofUI


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